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The ramblings of a lolita...

Who's crazy. <.<

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Hi. My name is Lisa.

Okay, I'll be cheap and just do an amazingly quick summary of myself. xD

I'm a Christian, I love anime, I collect dolls, and I dress in lolita. I'm pretty weird if you get to know me but I can also be very down-to-earth. I like to bake sweets, love to try different languages, and I want to become closer to God and stronger in my faith.


These days I have alot of usernames... So it would probably be helpful to list them in case someone's confused on who's who. xP
My older accounts (like this one) generally have the username: Mew_Risachan
My old but not THAT old accounts have the username: mickers1
And my most recent accounts, most having to do with my doll hobby, have the username: Cinnasmum
Nowadays I go by Lisa or Cinna. ^^

Here's my doll family!
Kimiko - Rewigged Hello Kitty Pullip
Camille - I-wish-was-rewigged ALa Pullip
Kei - Custom Pullip
Cinna - Cinnamoroll Dal
Unnamed - Rewigged Fiori Dal (WIP)
Hideko - Jade Taeyang

Selphie - FD Brownie, Momo girl
Eiffel - FD Brownie, Momo boy
Unnamed - Blank Soom Sabik (WIP)
Justin - IpleHouse Mars
Baron - DollZone Yuu
Tae Jun - LittleFee Bisou

I'm a bad mummy, not naming 2 of my dolls yet... e_O

My tumblr is here:
If you don't know, Taemin is my future husband.